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March 17, 2010

Worth Noting: C-SPAN Video Library

I do not watch TV and rarely watch videos on my computer but when I saw C-SPAN’s advertisement in today’s New York Times, I thought I might start to occasionally watch a replay of history. C-SPAN is making hundreds of thousands of hours of its past broadcasts available for free in its video library, which can be found here.

This is quite timely for me. The last time I sat in front of the TV to watch anything for more than a minute or two was the Clinton impeachment proceedings in the House and Senate. I was fascinated by the historic proceedings, and still am. As it happens, I have started reading Ken Gormley’s The Death of American Virtue: Clinton vs. Starr, which is a well-written, fascinating replay of the conflict between Clinton and Starr (which I will review when I have finished the book), so C-SPAN’s making available the videos of the proceedings will add to my enjoyment of the book.

Although a bit off topic, let me say this: If Crown, the publisher, had been smart (and there is still hope), this book begs for enhanced ebook and pbook versions. I would gladly have paid twice, maybe even thrice the price for the book if it had included a DVD of the proceedings, perhaps even commentary by some of the key players on the proceedings. This is an example of where enhancements would be well worthwhile.

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