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September 20, 2010

An Art Interlude: Portraits

We’ve had musical interludes before (and will again in the not too distant future), but I thought I would expand our horizons a little and venture at least a toes’ worth into the world of art.

My wife, Carolyn Edlund, is an accomplished artist, as well as being knowledgable about art in general. I’ve mentioned her website previously (, but today I want to boast a little — for her — about her recently completed commissioned portrait of children reading. Here is an image of the painting:

Share the Joy -- Read (2010) by Carolyn Edlund

Share the Joy — Read (2010) was commissioned as a gift for the Ramsey, NJ, public library in celebration of its reopening after renovation, where it will go on permanent display. Share the Joy — Read is 24 x 30 inches oil on linen.

Carolyn has been doing portraiture work for years. A sample of an earlier work is this portrait of an adolescent boy, which is a graphite portrait done on paper and is from 1992.

Early Adolescent Boy (1992) by Carolyn Edlund

The watercolor below is a more recent portrait done By Carolyn. The subject is the daughter of one of our freelancer colleagures.

Isabelle (2002) by Carolyn Edlund

Enjoy these works of art. In future Art Interludes, I’ll showcase some other works by Carolyn. For more information about Carolyn’s artwork, visit her website, She can also be contacted through her website.


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