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July 14, 2011

Worth Noting: The Future Is Now!

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Have you thought about the essence of life? Have you considered how powerful you would feel if you could create “life” from “dust”?

View the video below and just let your imagination run wild. The secret to “life” is here (well, maybe not to “life,” but a big secret regarding something on a gargantuan scale is certainly here :)).

I can see the printers being household ready in a decade. Parents will use the printers to bring books to life for their children (read about the Jabberwocky and then bring it to life!). Ultimately, the real question will be whether you can open a gourmet cookbook and click on a recipe to send it to the printer, instantly creating a properly cooked and seasoned, delicious meal for tonight’s gathering.

The implications for the future of books? My crystal ball remains cloudy; how does your crystal ball fare?


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