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January 3, 2012

Worth Noting: A Poisoned Pen Press Deal

Did you get a new ereader device for the holidays? Are you looking for some mysteries to try? Perhaps a new series of mysteries or some new authors?

Poisoned Pen Press, a publisher of mysteries, is offering a great deal on 10 ebooks that are the first in their series (one is marked as the second in its series, but these are supposed to be the first) — buy 1 or buy all 10 at 99¢ each.

What you receive after buying is a zip file (separate for each book bought) that contains both an ePub and a Mobi file. The ePub is usable on all major devices except the Kindle; the Mobi is for the Kindle.

I haven’t read any of the books yet, but I did buy all 10 yesterday. It is hard to go wrong at 99¢ a book, and I like a good mystery, so I’m willing to give these books and authors a try. If only a couple of the ebooks turn out to be very good or better, I consider this a win.

But a word of warning, and something that I don’t like at Poisoned Pen Press: After you make your purchase, they give you a download link for each book you bought. The link is good for 24 hours; I think it should be good for longer — a lot longer. In addition, you have to download each zip file separately; why not provide a way to download all of them at once?

The other thing I do not like is how the files are named. The zip files are named with a combination of letters and numbers that are nonsensical to the purchaser. The files within the zip files are named similarly. Consequently, once you download the files to your computer, you have no way to identify the book without opening the file in your reader device or software. File naming may become my next crusade :). Why not name the files by author and title?

Yet for the $9.90 I spent on 10 ebooks, I was willing to suffer a little inconvenience. I downloaded the files immediately and then renamed the files.

I don’t know how long this deal will last, so you may want to check it out quickly.

Also, if you haven’t already tried Vicki Tyley’s (see , e.g., Worth Noting: A New Vicki Tyley Mystery) or L.J. Sellers’ (see, e.g., Worth Noting: The Arranger by L.J. Sellers) novels, two authors whose mysteries and suspense novels I highly recommend, you might want to check them out.


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