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August 3, 2012

Worth Noting: PerfectIt Version 2 Released

In prior posts, I have discussed and extolled the virtues of PerfectIt during the final editing stage (see, e.g., The 3 Stages of Copyediting: III — The Proofing Stage). Now version 2 of PerfectIt has been released.

The major enhancements found in PerfectIt 2 include the following:

  • Quickly scan through errors with a new slider
  • Return to past issues with the new Back button
  • Clearer view of the working document with PerfectIt running to one side
  • Compatibility with 64-bit versions of MS Office
  • Quickly assess a document with consistency reports
  • List revisions with reports on changes made
  • Limit checking to sections of your document
  • Significantly faster document checking

The following video demonstrates some of the enhancements found in PerfectIt 2:

PerfectIt 2: What’s New

PerfectIt 2 is available as an upgrade for current owners of PerfectIt. For more information, please visit Intelligent Editing at


  1. I bought PerfectIt 2 and immediately tried the update on a manuscript. I think the update is definitely worth money, especially since you get a 50 percent discount. The new features that you mentioned are woth it and will help me when I go over my changes.


    Comment by Cassie Armstrong — August 3, 2012 @ 4:36 pm | Reply

  2. Whenever I try to use a function, I get the “Object invalid…” box.


    Comment by mickspillane — August 4, 2012 @ 5:17 pm | Reply

    • Other than making the announcement of a new version available, I have nothing to do with the software program PerfectIt. You need to contact the company that created the program with any problems and questions. The company’s website is


      Comment by americaneditor — August 5, 2012 @ 5:49 am | Reply

  3. It found nothing wrong with the following paragraph:

    “During an oil spill, the oil tends to float on the bottom of the water. Surface oil coats birds and seals with the thick, sticky substance. Spilted oil only gets more viscous over time due to weathering, causing the oil to adhere to the bodies of marine animals even less. This coating on marine birds like seals and can lead to hypothermia by destroying the insulation and waterproofing qualities of there feathers and fur. Seal pups suffer more than adults since the have a wooly fur, known as laguno, that provides insulation until they are old enough to develop blubber. When the laguno is covered in oil, the pups are more vulnerable to hypnothermia.”

    How does this make my life easier?


    Comment by mickspillane — August 4, 2012 @ 5:18 pm | Reply

    • Again, this is a question that should be directed at the creators of PerfectIt, not here.


      Comment by americaneditor — August 5, 2012 @ 5:50 am | Reply

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