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November 2, 2012

Preparing for Flight

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The Lord of the Rings movie trilogy, like the Star Wars movies, resulted in great ancillary moments of creativity from people not associated with the making of the movies. This video of preflight instructions from Air New Zealand is an outstanding example. Although anyone who has flown knows already of these instructions, the presentation in this video makes listening to them again a highly enjoyable experience.


Worth Noting: Cell Phones & Telemarketers

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Beginning this month be prepared to be annoyed wherever you are if you have a cell phone with a U.S. carrier and number. This month, or so I have been led to believe, cell phone numbers go public and are being released to telemarketing companies.

Unfortunately, it means not only will I get at least three telephone calls every week from “Rachel” of Cardholder Services on my landline — and it doesn’t matter how many times I tell “Rachel” that (a) I don’t meet their criteria, (b) I’m not interested and wish to be removed from their calling list, and (c) that I’m on the Do Not Call list — both New York and federal — she still faithfully calls every week — but “Rachel” will now harass me on my cell phone.

I’ve filed numerous complaints against “Rachel” but they are a shifty (and sleazy) outfit. Their caller ID phone number changes almost weekly.

(The other frequent telemarketing call I get is from a company trying to get me to sign on for their electric service. I’ve pointed out numerous times that I would sure like to take advantage of their exorbitant rates [no I wouldn’t] but I, unfortunately for them, am not within their electric service area.)

And now I’ll get all those sheriff’s union and police benevolent charity solicitation calls everywhere I go. And now the politicians will be able to annoy me everywhere, too. I almost pray that our telephone system gets nuked just to stop the harassing calls.

But I’ve wandered. For whatever good it will do, to put your number on the Do Not Call list, either call 888-382-1222 or go to

The National Do Not Call List

Putting your number on the list will mostly block unwanted calls permanently. May the force be with you and not the harassers!

[Postpublication Addition — November 2, 2012]

Interestingly, I learned this morning after publishing the above that the FTC has finally taken steps to terminate “Rachel”. For followup, please see

“Hi, this is Rachel from RoboCaller services calling. Press 1 to be scammed.”

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