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May 25, 2015

Worth Noting: Be a Better Freelancer – The 2015 Must-Do Conference

Be a Better Freelancer™ — Take It to the 10th!

AAE Subscribers Get the Best Deal
on Conference Registration!

by Ruth E. Thaler-Carter

“Be a Better Freelancer™–Take It to the 10th!” arrives September 25–26, 2015 in Rochester, NY, and celebrates Communication Central’s 10th annual Build Your Communications Business conference, with both new presenters and familiar faces, all offering new takes and topics aimed at helping participants be more productive, efficient, effective, and successful. And because Rich Adin, An American Editor, has been such a huge help over the years in various aspects of the Communication Central conference for freelancers, An American Editor subscribers are being offered the best rate for this year’s event.

(To take advantage of this offer, go to the registration website and use this password: 4AAEonly. The countdown begins; in 37 days this offer expires.)

The “AAE Special”

The “AAE Special” is twofold: Not only do An American Editor subscribers get a break on the conference cost, but you also get an opportunity to pick Rich’s brain in person in first-ever one-on-one business coaching sessions for free! If there is enough interest, Rich will make himself available in 45-minute segments for up-close and personal insights into making your freelance business better — an ideal accompaniment to the overall conference offerings, all aimed at helping you Be a Better Freelancer. You decide the topics you want to discuss with Rich; there are no set topics — the session is intended to help you with your specific business-related problems.

Special Rate Ends in 37 Days

The “AAE Special” ends in 37 days, on June 30, so be sure to move fast — especially if you want to be schedule a one-on-one private coaching session with Rich Adin! To register for the conference and the coaching session, go to the registration website and use this password: 4AAEonly.

Why Attend?

Why attend this event? Because you won’t find a better environment for getting to know and learn from colleagues in a variety of freelancing areas. Unlike other events, the Communication Central conference affords you an opportunity to enjoy a level of quality time with presenters and attendees that you won’t experience elsewhere.

Today’s e-mail and online interaction is invaluable, but meeting colleagues in person can’t be beat. You won’t just learn about ways to improve your freelancing skills and overall business; you will make connections that are likely to lead to new projects with the people you meet at the event — just ask past attendees (many of whom come year after year to this conference because of the valuable information they gain and connections they make).


This year’s conference will be held at the downtown Hyatt Hotel in Rochester, NY. Reservation information is included in the conference registration form.

Once you decide to attend, I suggest making your hotel reservation quickly. The conference weekend coincides with the end of a local film festival and rooms are likely to be at a premium as we get closer to September. (Should the conference hotel rooms get snapped up, there are three other properties within a block away: a new Hilton Gardens Inn, a Radisson, and the former Rochester Plaza, now a Crowne Plaza. It also might be possible to bunk with local colleagues or share hotel rooms with other conference-goers. Let me know if you’d like to try one of those options.)

For Information About the Conference

For more information about conference session topics and presenters, go to the Communication Central website.

To take advantage of the AAE Special, go to the special registration page for An American Editor subscribers now and lock in your AAE rate! (Remember to use the password: 4AAEonly.)

Have a question? Either ask it here at An American Editor or contact me directly.

Ruth E. Thaler-Carter is an award-winning freelance writer, editor, proofreader, desktop publisher, and speaker whose motto is “I can write about anything!”® She is also the owner of Communication Central, author of the Freelance Basics blog for the Society for Technical Communication, and a regular contributor to An American Editor.

Note and Disclaimer from An American Editor

I have no financial interest in the conference. In exchange for my offering the one-on-one sessions, my room, board, and travel costs will be reimbursed. Otherwise, I receive absolutely no compensation from this conference. I promote the conference and allow its promotion because I consider it a very valuable resource for colleagues, based on my own attendance over the years. I receive no compensation for permitting this conference promotion on AAE or for any promotion I do of the conference.

Richard Adin, An American Editor

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