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June 4, 2016

Worth Reading: The Big Uneasy

I just finished reading “The Big Uneasy” by Nathan Heller in The New Yorker and thought this is an article that An American Editor readers should read. I found the article disturbing for what it portends for future college graduates. We previously discussed trigger warnings in “Should Editors Give Trigger Warnings?” and Heller’s article raises the question again and to a more worrisome (at least to me) level.

“The Big Uneasy” by Nathan Heller

What do you think about the student demands and reactions?

Richard Adin, An American Editor


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  1. Many of the views expressed by students reminded me of some of the craziness of the era of the Red Brigades and Mao’s little red book, where a sense of mass peasant-bred ignorance and moronic oppression by numbers took precedence over any appearance of individual expression; achievement through rigorous application of study and achievement against high standards was reason for suspicion and alienation (even execution) from a society in which the lowest common denominator was prized. What’s happening to social leadership and morality in the US?


    Comment by michael dale — June 6, 2016 @ 2:08 am | Reply

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