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December 7, 2020

The apraxia/overpayment scam continues

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Ruth E. Thaler-Carter, Owner
An American Editor

I hate to start off a new week with anything negative, but such is life: The apraxia/overpayment-with-counterfeit-check scam is alive and reaching more colleagues every day. Today, it came to me as an inquiry using the Contact form at my website, from a new domain and sender name: a so-called Rosemarie Scott from something called mailfence says: “… Can you research and write an article on a specific topic for an upcoming workshop? The article is to be given as a handbook to the attendees of the workshop. I have a speech distorting condition called Apraxia …”

For what this really involves, see:

It includes a phone number, which I was tempted to use to cuss ’em out, but that might not be worth the effort.

With the holiday season already upon us, the scams will increase, whether aimed at us professionally or personally. Be very, very careful out there, friends, and warn everyone you know to do the same!


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