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February 25, 2018

On Politics: Guns in Our Schools — Presidents Respond

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Richard Adin, An American Editor

Week after week guns destroy lives — lives of people of all colors, all ages, all ethnicities, including the lives of those who have yet to experience their life to its fullest, our children. Yet Republican politicians, with the help of some Democrat politicians, are more concerned about NRA money and getting reelected than taking serious steps toward reducing the likelihood of experiencing the violence of Parkland and previous massacres.

Trump has been and continues to be a failure on every front in every way, and is likely to be seen by history as the Republican destroyer of American values and ideals, but I had thought that even as amoral and uncaring as he is, he would be moved by the senseless killing of children. Apparently, not.

The following video, produced by the Washington Post, compares President Obama’s response to the Newtown massacre to Trump’s response to the Parkland massacre.

I wonder if Trump’s response, or, for that matter, the nonresponse of the Paul Ryan—Mitch McConnell—Wayne LaPierre triad would be different if one of their children or grandchildren had been a victim. Considering how tone deaf and callous they are, probably not.

If having more guns in schools is such a great idea, why isn’t it an equally great idea to permit guns in courtrooms, in the halls of Congress, in the West Wing of the White House, or even on White House property? Isn’t the logic that judges, politicians, and presidents would be much safer than either police or Secret Service personnel could possibly keep them if everyone had a gun that they carried 24/7 the same logic as justifies more guns in schools?

If more people having guns would deter gun violence, why can’t we carry guns on airplanes? Isn’t the logic that no terrorist would use a gun on an airplane if the terrorist knew that everyone else was carrying a loaded weapon the same logic as justifies more guns in schools?

The day I can carry a loaded weapon into face-to-face, one-on-one meetings with Trump, Ryan, and McConnell will be the first day I think putting more guns in schools is a rational and sane idea from and promoted by rational and sane people. Sadly, for America,

Republicans don’t get it — put lead in your pencil, not in your children!

Republican love for the AR-15 is greater than Republican love for children!

What do you think?


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