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December 21, 2011

A Musical Interlude: Happy Holidays!

It’s that time of year when some of us can kick back and relax for a couple of weeks. I used to be able to do so, but for a number of years now, I’ve found that business doesn’t slack off during the holiday season. So, I often turn to the music of the season for the celebratory pleasure it provides.

Over the years, I’ve enjoyed the commercials created by Coca-Cola to celebrate the season. So, let’s begin our holiday musical interlude with two Coke ads. The first is the original “I’d like to teach the world to sing.” I think the message is both timeless and worthy:

The second Coke ad is of more recent vintage, but certainly sets the mood for a celebratory season:

This year, Hanukkah and Christmas coincide, giving us a chance to celebrate twice.

For something different, here is the Maxwell Street Klezmer Band singing “Eight Little Candles” in Ladino, a medieval language that mixes Spanish and Hebrew:

One of my favorite songs of the season is Nat King Cole’s “The Christmas Song,” sung here as a duet with his daughter, Natalie:

The season wouldn’t seem like a holiday or quite right without “Hallelujah,” performed here by the Philadelphia Opera and 650 choristers at the Philadelphia Macy’s:

Finally, let us end this interlude on an upbeat note with Mannheim Steamroller’s “Joy to the World” — something we all could use a bit of:

We wish you all happy holidays. May peace, love, and prosperity be yours this holiday season and throughout the years to come!

Rich Adin, An American Editor,
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