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March 24, 2010

A Musical Interlude (I)

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Sometimes in the rush of work and in thinking heady thoughts about language and books :), I forget that there are other senses that need coddling. With that in mind, I’ve decided to occasionally not write about books and language and instead to coddle some of my other senses with musical videos.

What follows are the first musical video interludes. Suggestions for future interludes are welcome. In the meantime, let’s soothe our savage beasts and enjoy these music interludes.

The first video is Stand By Me performed by musicians around the world.

This video demonstrates how realistic computer animation can be and the imagination that can be used to create a Fantastic Machine for music.

This final interlude is selections from La Traviata performed in a food marketplace. I would love to wander into my local food emporium and find the staff serenading me with opera selections; I’m a big opera fan.

I hope you enjoyed this change of pace. As much as I love books and language, our world has much more to offer. Partaking of food for our other senses can only be good.


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