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February 17, 2012

Worth Noting: Citing Medicine 2e from the National Library of Medicine

On another list in which I participate, I was reminded about Citing Medicine, 2nd edition: The NLM Style Guide for Authors, Editors, and Publishers, by Karen Patrias with Dan Wendling, Technical Editor, and published by the National Library of Medicine. This is a free publication and regardless of your editing specialty, a very worthwhile manual to bookmark or download.

(I downloaded it on its original release in 2007 and combined all the chapters into a single PDF thinking I would print it out. However, this manual runs close to 1700 pages, so I never did get around to printing it, although I still occasionally think about do so; I simply call it up from my hard drive when needed.)

Citing Medicine is the most complete manual on citation style I think I have ever seen. Even when a client tells me to follow a certain style manual, I find that there are times I need to get some guidance from Citing Medicine. Its comprehensiveness makes it useful as an adjunct to probably all of the more traditional style manuals, and its price cannot be beat — FREE!

Also worth knowing is that it is maintained and updated. The version currently available, although originally released in 2007, has been updated and is current through October 2011.

Citing Medicine, 2nd edition belongs on every editor’s virtual resource shelf.

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